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September 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Whew! Just... whew! Lol, I phoned Todd who purchases water, takes the labels off the bottles and then replaces them with scripture readings... then he gives them to me to put in my refrigerator and once they are cold, I take out for people laying on the hot sidewalks with no where to go in the smokey air that could not be worse right now because of the wildfires in California. He delivered about 80 bottles. Then I went into fundraising mode and that went well for the day. There are only four more days and I hope I can reach the goal. Every penny is going into the truck, keyboard and computer. For anyone who sees this I am out 73% goal and here are the ways you can contribute. Here on the left of the page... the Contribute Button, on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ... Paypal Direct ... and then there was Amanda that I will write about tomorrow.