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September 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was not a day to go outside with the smoke and heat but I did it anyway to give out about 80 bottles of water on the streets, all within a mile circumference from where I live. What does that tell you about how many people are suffering on the streets in America right now. Thank God I can do something personally. I would have created music if not for the smoke. People really appreciate seeing Mo and myself. Many have a need to pet him. At night the sky seemed somewhat clear so we went for a walk and that was a mistake. For some reasons certain streets are more smokey than others. Those streets were farthest from home so once we were in it, there was no escaping it. We had to walk through it and I can feel the ramifications of that as I write this. Mo seems ok. The only way through the world for me more than ever right now is with as much musical prayer and meditation... gratitude and service.