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June 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I fetched some water from my stash to give out on the street today. An older homeless guy with not many teeth was sitting and asked for some water. After giving him some I went inside my friend Sarah's place to get the rest of it and on comming out I saw the guy crying. I had to stop and sit next to him and ask what was wrong. He used to steal money from his mother and was feeling bad about it, tears and all. I asked when that was. It has been years ago and his mother had died last September. During the conversation I would throw out the word "fuck" in every once in awhile which seemed to put him at ease to be able to trust I was not a do gooder or out to be appropriate and above him. I told him his mother did not mind that he always stole from her as much as she minded that he was safe and happy because she loved him. And I reminded him that he is her heaven. She's looking down from heaven wanting to see him loved and feeling ok. This made sense to the guy and he wanted to just sit and talk but I had to get going. Wish I had more time to spend with him. He also mentioned how he has not had his medications. Homeless people on the streets are really hurting from the lack of social services right now. I feel grateful that I can have some compassion and empathy for them and sometimes create some validation and reassurance of their worth as a human being. PayPal Me for a Traveling Piano Contribution