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June 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Talk about "out of whack!" What a world. I'm trying to dissipate time spent in anger over the self-centered state of humanity. I know humanity as a whole is not self-centered by any means but the parts that are... just make me really mad these days! The mindset of trump sucking people, the mindsets of denial out of fear or inconvenience, the mindsets of rebellion and resistance to care, the lack of empathy and compassion, the greed and neediness... it is all in our faces right now. The Corona Virus is showing to us all at lot of what we do not like about ourselves as human beings and for those who are slow learners or just morons... they will all learn eventually about that like the rest of us. Not going crazy in my room is a challenge. Wearing a mask outside all the time in this heat and my age does not help my respiratory system but if I can't handle it... I just need to stay in... period. Seeing people in large groups without masks on outside in La La Land... I must keep a constant check on myself about it because I tend to become infuriated. Live, Love and whats that other word? Is it prosper? How and what I choose as prosperous in life these days has nothing to do with career, money or things. It must be all about spirituality.