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May 20, 2020

Eldorado Canyon, Nevada

Mo and I drove to Eldorado Canyon for the first time since settling in Nevada which was in 2016. The place is an hour south and a little to the east of the city. I was like... finally! We are always going east, west and north to places. It felt a little strange and uneasy to be in a new desert area. I think that may be a sign of getting older. I want to be able to continue leaving my comfort zone and that gets more difficult as one gets older. On the way it was nothing but flat dessert for miles. Then came some mountains, a little settlement named Nelson and then the water of Lake Meade. Mo and I climbed to the bottom and found a perfect spot by the waters edge to sit and relax in nature. There were about ten people on the other side of where we were with ski boats, guns, adults screaming like kids at a playground swimming pools... that was all just, ugh. Thankfully we were able to get away from all that and enjoy the quiet. Every tiny sound bounced off the lake. As the sun set you could hear throughout, the sounds of trillions of little bugs. That was amazing to hear. While climbing back up to the truck after awhile, I laughed at myself moving like an old man to not fall or stumble.

There were three trailers of campers parked and I kept talking to myself while climbing bcak up trying to force myself to want to interact and share the Traveling Piano with them as with others in the old days. Or even play some music for myself, the inspiration is not so strong anymore. (although the need is as strong as ever) The guy at the top of the hill was very respectful and of course interested and that helped to offer some music. There were two couples who were friends and a third older couple. There were in awe and I was so thankful I was able to extend myself. I knew it would be worthwhile all around for everyone including myself. We talked a little and it was all about appreciation and gratitude with a little of my story. It is so difficult for me in not being able to shake their hands, invite them onto the piano seat and to also get pictures for this blog and to share with them. People getting onto the piano to create music for themselves is the largest part of the Traveling Piano experience but I must be consistent with the virus happening and keep at least some boundary and limit as a respectful sign of willingness to myself, others and the Universe that the infection spread must stop.