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May 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Denise, the owner of Quality Auto Works on Main Street in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas, where the Traveling Piano Photo Gallery is... she tuned my truck up today for me... without charge. I think she came into some money and it needed to get done really bad. It has been a year ago this week since we first connected. Since then she has fixed my emergency brake, horn, the air conditioning and a few other things... without charge. And then there is her letting me use her waiting room as an Art Gallery showing right on the Main Street. She appreciates what i do for the community and when she has the money and can make the time, always shares what she has to offer with others. Make no mistake about it she has some dark sides and the people she associates with, some are "real" dark! I have dark sides too. Lol, it can be a challenge for me to keep the light shinning but it is so worth it because I know her true intent which is worthy of lots of respect. I appreciate her help very much.