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May 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, first I began to lose a sense of time with this journey and since with the Corona Virus, I have begun to lose a sense of days and then weeks and just now, I realized that it is May and not April. The days have been labeled April on this blog page for the last two weeks! I just fixed it all. I'm still doing the Facebook Live video's when I can on the street when no one is around. They are short. I play very little piano these days. The piano is very difficult to play. Some of the notes do not come up when I push them down and they come up at different times. It is random. The action is shot as well as the touch sensitivity. I just keep going. The truck needs a lot of work and I have not purchased new clothing in five years! Funding and costs are still a challenge. I was thinking how I could make a killing on the street right now selling photography and collecting contribution by bonding with all the self-entitled people saying fuck you to isolation or distancing and thinking about the possibility of spreading the disease but... my conscious just will not allow me to do that. DAMM! People are a priority over economic insecurity. Nothing has changed with that... I have years of practice on that matter now. The universe does supply basic needs when living life in gratitude.