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April 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I got up at three thirty in the afternoon. That is how stressed I was yesterday and physically worn out. I remember feeling my heart stressing in the morning and knew I just needed to lay in my semi state of sleep. It is not like that was difficult to do. Once I got up I went out as soon as possible to finish giving out the bread, apples and water I had. That was at 7PM so I did a facebook live first on the street with music, but the music was more for the homeless people around. The facebook live video was only ten minutes but I played a good half hour there. I could see people responding to it therapeutically. I've been having more conversations with people living on the streets. I don't know what is more significant the music or my friendship and respect. There is a little fun in it all also. A homeless person the other day said they could hear my truck coming down the street. When people see me, they stand up and wave so I don't pass them by. I need to make sure they do not become dependent on me... because I cannot depend on myself do be doing it everyday. It really is a one day at a time life for me. And what I just wrote about significant... my music is without question more significant than the food I have from the point of view of those living on the streets. They tell me that!