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March 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

While Mo and I took our walk today and I handed out a case of water to people walking the streets. Other than that I am doing a self-quarantine more and more. No music today. I'm not so sure I will make it through this virus which is perfectly ok as long as I keep the right frame of mind and put into action my words and thoughts over the years that everything is ok and good and that I am not in control. My breathing is labored, it does not hurt to breath it is just very limited. And oh God, how I must stay away from the news. We already know its bad and going to get really bad, all I need to do is glance over it for a minute to see any new developments that may affect me. Any financial aid will not affect me. I do have a responsibility to keep on living responsibly as it ain't over until its over. Now that I have someone to take care of Mo I want to secure handing over the Traveling Piano and my archives to someone. A friend in Singapore has been downloading the website so that it stays on the internet. The truck and archival hard drives, no one really wants them so I'm still figuring that out. I'm writing emailing, one person a day to start so that I stay connected. Not being around as many people everyday is a huge change. On facebook, I see too much of what I do not want to see. Again, "Danny do not become inundated." I am choosing to think of it al as I am going on a trip, on another leg of this fantastic journey I have been on.