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March 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up about 7:30am to take a quick pee before jumping back into bed. Then the electricity went out. I laid in bed while neighbors began to gather and chatter nervously in the parking lot. There was no getting back to sleep so I sat in my chair for two hours with practically no thought. I could not, did not want to think except that I did think about the food in my fridge and freezer I might lose at a time when I cannot replace it. Then dark clouds rolled in and it began to rain. Once they cleared the neighbors came out again and began to get high together and just laugh, chatter, be loud. It was very irritating especially after learning that a hundred people died in the USA from the virus overnight. About five people partied loud and obnoxious all day fucked out of their brains on drugs or whatever and I tried not to think about being on lock down with them outside my door for weeks maybe months. The sun came out, I took Mo for a walk. We spent some time at the (closed) Traveling Piano Art Gallery in the waiting room of the auto repair shop on main street in the Arts District of Las Vegas... which will close tomorrow for who knows how long.

I'm thinking about joining an organization out to deliver food to people and maybe I can get some for my friends on the streets. It would give me an excuse to be out on the streets and maybe I can create some music from time to time. Problem is I don't have the gas money to be driving around. I thought about moving my keyboard from the truck to my room so I can create music but that would mean shutting down the Traveling Piano without possibilities... Then I thought, just wait until tomorrow and see what happens. The roads might still be open and I can get to the shelter areas to create music... then I got real afraid again. The fear ebbs and flows with conscious thought about not letting it grab on to me. You know I'm stressed when I have not felt tired all day with only five hours sleep. I need to be careful not to get sick. Something good happened. I found someone to take care of Mo if I do get sick or die and cannot be with him. God forbid that to happen but at least I will be prepared for his sake.