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March 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano is wanted, needed and appreciated where hundreds of homeless people go to hopefully wait to get a bed for the night on Foremaster Street here in Las Vegas. Strangely enough this option has been open for the Traveling Piano for over a year. I just never took advantage because I share the Traveling Piano with people more then play on it myself. Now... through social distancing, the situation is perfect. And, we are within city laws because we are on private property. People on the streets are kind of desperate right now as food is "very" limited. Those usually in the area showing value as human beings, their numbers have dropped to almost zero as most people stay home... which is a good idea. When the music was finished we drove around and handed out a case of water. I need gas money to do that.

My music is both calming and fun at the same time but most importantly full of love and care. What I gift that it is flowing through me! I take zero credit for the sharing in its existence with others as they experience, for lack of any other words... the grace of God. You know, if you want to help, send us a contribution. I work with Mo as individual with no fees, tips, commercial or organizational affiliation. We ourselves are in a desperate situation right now needing the funds for basic rent, Mo's food, etc... You can do that through this website... Contribute ...or on GoFundMe... Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund ...or just send money through Paypal direct... Danny Kean Please help us have a sense of security.