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March 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yea, the laying low idea is just not going to work for me. I'm not feeling great and have not been for a couple months but I know in my heart and spirit I just need to work through whatever is on my path until the very end. I remember writing back in this blog concerning Traveling Piano Dog Boner when he got sick, I said to him, "are we going to just lay here on the couch and I'll nurse you until your dead or should we continue living life doing what we do and enjoying every moment of it until the very end?" We choose the later and Bo was on the paino with me up until the day before he died. This morning a guy who donates "holy water" for drinking at the mission ...I wrote about that last month... he called to ask me if I need any water to take out with the truck. Then a neighbor left a note on my truck saying he had bags of cheese left over from a party to give me if I wanted it to take out and so... I just had to go out.

During the days I am usually not sure who is homeless on the streets. Now its easy to tell because they are the only ones on the streets. I am seeing clearly that people are needing the Traveling Piano's presence and music more than ever. No one is around. So I thought, I can just set up and play for fifteen minutes a day if that is all the energy I have. In the beginning of this journey in 2006 I would go out for just five minutes a day and create music... it was enough. The people on the streets are finding life more difficult than ever because all the church groups normally giving out daily meals and food have closed down. They are sharing with each other whatever food they can get their hands on. So the pictures of people playing the piano on this blog now, are of people I did not make a posting for... a few weeks back.