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February 11 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

My body must have been so exhausted from yesterdays hike that I slept without tossing and turning and on a wrong angle for my neck because... ouch, ouch, ouch, I can barely move it. Since it takes forty eight hours for me to really feel a workout, I'm not looking forward till tomorrow. Also, I have shortness of breath, I really do need to lose weight if I want to stay alive. Hmm... thats a decision. Anyway, I forced myself to the field as I was not there last Monday and just refused in my head to miss two weeks. People really appreciate my being there and a few guys were jonsin' to get onto the piano to create, play, express, release, have a bit of normalcy for themselves, etc... with their own music. Kids too, a little girl was beside herself waiting to jump into the truck. The speaker broke. What a major drag this is. So the sound was from the keyboard itself only... which is practically nothing but it still worked. I got to play for about five minutes out of three and a half hours so that gives you an idea of how popular the Traveling Piano is for people. I gathered some food for the week, and just hope this stiff neck does not get much worse. Whatever... I do know that eventually, it will pass. I feel grateful that I could share what I have to offer with the world today.

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