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February 10 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went out to the Valley of Fire today. We needed it "very" much. Its been too long since we were in nature. It was cloudy and cool and there was actually a little drizzle. That was perfect because it kept me from tiring out as I would in heat. We hiked where there were no people. The park police were out looking for trouble. We might have been in a restricted area meandering along a mountain ridge but far away enough away from them that we could hide. I heard them sound the siren not knowing if it was for me or someone else. They were waiting by the Traveling Piano truck maybe for us to return but guess what... we didn't, until they gave up and moved on! Ha. Really, just leave people alone when no harm is being done to themselves, anyone else or the environment. I so needed to be out there and Mo, he's getting old for hiking so I want him to enjoy as much of it as possible before he's done it all.

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