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February 09, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Traveling Piano Fundraiser - #018 Geoff and I see each other several times a week when I create music at the Las Vegas Rescue mission for my "peeps" at dinner time. The consistency of our constant presence is very important for some people. Help us to continue! While playing at the rescue mission people have been asking where I was earlier in the week because they depend on seeing me and missed Mo, the Traveling Piano. I've been telling them that I was too depressed to come out. You should see their jaws drop. Probably for many reasons. That I would be honest, that the piano man can have a depressing period, not knowing how to respond... its all good because my intent is to keep everything real... through relationship and on as personal and intimate a level as possible.

Help us to continue. My chosen path... to ask for one-on-one personal contribution in order to keep going without fees, tips or commercial affiliation.Subscription/ Contribution Link. Make a one time contribution: PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano. Contribute via Facebook: Facebook Fundraiser Contact me for other alternatives via my email address found on this link: Contact Me.