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February 08, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Traveling Piano Fundraiser - #017 A short shout out from Candice on behalf of the Traveling Piano. She volunteers at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. I am so glad to have blankets to give out on these cold days as Mo and I take our walk downtown in the early morning hours. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to sleep on cement with the temperatures in the thirties and wind making it feel even worse with nothing but a sheet, piece of cardboard or a trash bag covering you. Most people rationalize for themselves ways to not have to see or think about it and that is wrong. No matter how little you help, if the thought comes into your mind about a stranger in need... do something.

There are no fees, tips, or commercial affiliation connected with the Traveling Piano. The work thrives through personal one-on-one contribution. Help us to continue. My chosen path... to ask for one-on-one personal contribution in order to keep going without fees, tips or commercial affiliation.Subscription/ Contribution Link. Make a one time contribution: PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano. Contribute via Facebook: Facebook Fundraiser Contact me for other alternatives via my email address found on this link: Contact Me.