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December 07, 2018

Snow Mountain, Utah

We headed back to Las Vegas, I really wasn't ready... the hassle a few days ago helped because now I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth that will need time to dissipate concerning Zion and then I remembered also, I have no money to stay! Being frugal is now an art for me. In three days I spent $6. Lol, it was for a Subway hoagie. Mo and I stopped at Snow Canyon on the way back. I had absolutely no desire to create music. We hiked and on returning to the truck as often happens, an exchange began with a guy and then the sharing of music began. I improvised for only a minute and thought... "what the hell am I not doing... its a beautiful day, I have time, I'm at Snow Canyon... I must create some music." We drove to the overlook and I got about a half hour in before another vehicle appeared with three guys hanging out. They were blown away because down in the Canyon they had heard the music and it was driving them crazy wondering where it was coming from and then... they spontaneously and synchronistically found us! Thats the way it works and it is a lot of fun, full of wonder and relationship.