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December 06, 2018

Hurricane, Utah

For some reason... yesterday did a number on my head as in it twisted me up. I need to remember when I am stimulated, no sleep is needed. I had only six hours yesterday, did all that hiking, dealt with the police and ended up processing some of the pictures until 2am. You would think I would have been exhausted and able to get to bed early? Then, I couldn't sleep so I got back up and wrote a complaint letter to the cops which I decided not to send. You know, nothing is really different... ever. Back when I began the Traveling Piano when it was called Raggin' Piano Boogie in 1987, there were several times I was stopped by police. Once was at a bus/train station. Literally, they thought I must have been crazy doing what I do and held me there for over a half hour trying to find something on me to justify their simple mindedness, lol!

I got a Facebook email from a local Las Vegas television reporter expressing interest in my fundraiser. I called as requested and now we are playing phone tag. It was cloudy today. I did not want to go back to Zion because I'm scared of running into the police again! I tried to get my brake light fixed, it is an electrical problem I'll need to look into when I get back to the city. We found a hiking trail nearby that was just perfect with amazing views! Now, I'm getting some work done on my computer. Tomorrow morning we head back to Las Vegas. Yesterday's peaceful time in the park erased a lot of need for negative thoughts in my head. Today, they have been trying to re-enter but I just don't want them. Negativity can become automatic with my thinking. It can attach itself to everything good. I'll just need to become hyper aware of that, eradicate negativity as much as I can from my being.