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December 05, 2018

Zion, Utah

Wow, in Zion National park today I fell into a zen-like state. It was so beautiful, big, magical, stupendous and more. Walking along streams with babbling water. There was practically no one around. We took our time. Climbing down rocks is getting difficult! Ha, I still do it. At a certain point I realized my cell phone was not with me. I was positive that it was when I began on the hike. Then all my coping skills came into play. There was no way I was going to destroy the moment with fear, drama, beating myself up worry that I'm losing my mind, etc... I got back to the truck. It wasn't there. Ok, I resigned myself to walk back through the trail as in, just to the footsteps, do something no matter how little the chance of finding it. We were rarely actually on the trail. We walked along streams through grass and rocks. I shot up a prayer to St. Anthony being conscious of intent. I needed to have 100% belief in my intent that St. Anthony would find the phone for me. It worked! Immediately I got the message. "Its in your backpack."

The park cops interfered with my Zen like day in Zion National park... again! As always, total jerks. My brake tail light went out so that was their excuse to close in on the Traveling Piano man being a possible terrorist. Dic: Do you have any guns in the back? Me: No. ...Dic: Why are you in the park today? Me: To enjoy it? ...As I am looking for my papers in the glove compartment... Dic: Is that a knife I see in there? Me: Come on officer, how threatening can an old guy with a sweet pup and a piano in the back of an old truck look to you? As they held me there for ten minutes looking for trouble so they could search under the tarp... a wild turkey came out of the brush and stood directly in front of the truck. I took a picture of it through the windshield. They could not find anything on me other than the tail light so they had to let me go. I was not going to let them search without a probable cause. This was at the end of the day and it really put a damper on it all. Hate when that happens.

All in all, it was just fantastic and validating of how much I needed to be in nature such as this. Most people have no comprehension of the reality, the beauty that exists in nature here on planet earth so for me to be able to feel the wonder and see it all... I am very blessed, grateful and awe inspired. It was healing in the sense that it opened me up to the grace of God, miracles... they happen in the present moment. So does the crap, like the cops. Learning to live life on life's terms, is a challenge that will go to the grave with me. Thank God not so much for the day but for Zion park and my ability to enjoy.