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December 04, 2018

Hurricane, Utah

We drove to Hurricane, Utah today. Mo and I are being treated coincidentally, providentially to the same motel room we were in at this time last year for the same majorly low discounted price. If I think about it, I can cry. I've not been away for over a year. It is so needed! Also, I just need to get out of being on the streets with people living on them all the time. But... I don't know what to do with myself. As I drove today, I was thinking about how Las Vegas like other cities, is now not only rounding up the homeless in preparation to make them wards of the state through profiteering non-profit agencies... they are forcing city residents to not feed or help them by handing out $200 tickets for those caught feeding a homeless person. Not only that, they are creating fear mongering propaganda articles for the media to scare people away from each other. It all makes me as angry as I can get, and so very sad. My tendency is to lash out with a major media blitz of my own asking if we are all going to get fined for smiling at homeless people. Of course there will be no need for concern because they will all either die or become institutionalized, out of sight for the sake of profit. So the answer, just keep doing what I am doing. Whenever possible break the law if I see a need to. I'll keep creating validation and reassurance for everyone I meet through the truth of my spirit and music. If only one person, that is enough. Please help me to continue doing that. PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano