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December 03, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It feels very strange on Mondays now. A few months back the sun was so strong I needed an umbrella over the truck. Now, the sun goes down at four and by the time we get to our usual spot, it is pitch black. Also, its cold. A few months ago the temperature was more often than not over a hundred degrees in the dark. Now its dark and cold and also, I have been developing night blindness over the last few years. So... I never used to close my eyes when creating music because I needed to see what is going on around me. Now... it does not matter because I can't see anything either way! A woman came up to say, "when you create music all the angels gather." And that... is why I do what I do in the dark and cold, in the sun and heat, whatever. We were at our Monday night commitment at a place called the field.