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November 09, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a usual night creating music at the Las Vegas mission community dinner with about four hundred people, many friends from the streets. When I begin playing the piano now it is almost dark out with the change of season. The room I play in has open doors on both sides to the outside. With the temperature in the mid-forties at night, it feels so natural compared to a hundred and ten degrees not so long ago! I took Mo out for a walk and its killing me to see people sleeping on the sidewalks in the cold. One guy I passed by, he was laying in trash with no socks on. I went back to my room and got a pair of winter socks I have, a hat and a tablecloth like blanket and took it out to him.

I wasn't going to leave until he had the socks on even if I had to put them on for him, ugh. Turns out he had blisters on his feet which was more comfortable than having socks on. I asked if he wanted some foot cream he said no that he was alright. When I was leaving I thought how people would perceive me as such a good guy for doing what I did and how that is just so wrong. I am simply a human being and we all as human beings take care of each other. Thats what we do, thats how it works unless we are out of touch with reality and in our own heads with indoctrinated judgements of right, wrong, good, bad, enough, not enough, statistics, irresponsibility, etc...