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November 07, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another day off, I need it. After the park yesterday I went to the movies and saw Halloween. Horror movies are so stupid and rarely good. But still, it was fun to see this remake of such a classic. Stephen my old friend, sort of nephew like family member was working today in Las Vegas and so he gave me a call. Seeing him made me a little numb as it brings back my past life somewhat. Still, I love him totally. He has been so helpful to me whenever I've needed help in life. He is now thirty years old. I was outside his hospital room when he was born. After I dropped him off at his hotel room I got lost driving in the dark for about an hour. And then I went to the movies again and saw A Star is Born. I've been really good at finding the discounts in seeing movies for a dollar, no more than four or sometimes five dollars a show and really good with money all around, never wasting a penny. I was talking with Stephen saying how for example I don't think I have ever purchased a bottle of water. It just does not make sense to do it when its not necessary. I use a Britta filter and take bottles of water with me wherever I go.