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November 06, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I need a break. I've been playing music everyday for over a week. I just needed to stop and so Mo and I went to Floyd Lamb Tule Springs Park. I've been wanting to check out the place since we arrived in Vegas but the six dollar charge to get in just goes against my grain. We found a way to get in from the back and so that is what we did. I felt like I was in Central Park, New York city with the sounds of kids bouncing around, a huge major variety of birds chirping with lakes, grassy hills and tall trees. My mind entered into lala land of feeling how much I need this kind of nature in my life and new natural experiences. I mean, Redrock and Valley of Fire are as good as it gets but for twelve years I was constantly going to new places and seeing new and different natural beauty.

Something was up with the energy because I am not exaggerating, every persons path we crossed... they all extended themselves to me with a hello. We we were about to leave I found out why there were so many birds there. A bird lady arrived in a van full of large seed bags, cut up fruits and vegetables. She has been feeding the population every two days for the last twenty years... various varieties of geese, peacocks, ducks, blackbirds, pigeons, double-breasted cormorants, pied-billed grebe, marsh wren, black phoebe, sparrows, warblers, towhees, burrowing owls and lots more!