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November 05, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

We went to the field today as we do every Monday. It is dark because of daylight savings time which I wish could be done away with. The guy we met from the other side of town yesterday showed up but did not play much piano or recorder. I think it was too noisy and chaotic for him. A couple came buy to show me a picture of their new daughter born last week on the street a few blocks away. The grandmother is helping to watch over the baby. They were telling me how everyone they know living on the street was around them crying and saying how wonderful it was as they are used to seeing people die on the streets and here a baby is being born. I was thinking how I want to tell everyone but that would only desensitize the horrible aspects of living on the street and what people must go through. I feel so very grateful that people living on the streets respect and appreciate me but most importantly, have a sense of trust through our relating.