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October 13, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a day for me to hand out flyers for two events. The first, for my friend Alex's Non-Profit fundraiser next week. Alex has been including me in her life of musical friends and events, giving me a feeling of getting connected with a scene here in Las Vegas other than working on the streets doing outreach with homeless people. Any opportunity to help her is just full of gratitude for me. And then, the dentist who is paying forward major dental care services for me without cost... so I can continue paying forward my work with the Traveling Piano... she is having an event on Veterans Day where her office will be providing dental care for vets without cost for the entire day. On foot, Mo and I dropped off flyers at local businesses of every type. I'm not the "spring chicken" I used to be doing this stuff but I am very grateful for what I can do and for people who come into my life with personal support. Then there is one special person who pays my rent and a few others that fill my gas tank twice a month. I live 100% on contribution. Never with tips from the truck, fees or commercial affiliation.