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October 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The weather, what a relief!!! The sun is not as strong, the temperatures are cooling down, I'm being able to work again. Of course I was working through the heat of summer even though it felt like I was not. At the field where we are on Mondays, people love Mo so much. His presence alone brings joy to the world. Myself, I realized as I have periodically before through the years, but now specifically seeing as I visit the same spots on the same days with the same people... that, those who get onto the piano to play repeatedly... I need to give them attention for that time period. I've been getting lazy.

When they get onto the piano to play, I just say "go at it" and leave to do other things in the immediate area as they know from past weeks what to do for themselves. Some people want to be left alone and others want attention. But deep down, everyone wants attention so, even if they are in their own space my just being there in their presence without interference is important. This journey is not just about giving people a piano to play. It also involves relationship, interacting with the people paying... creating fun, friendship and respect... reassurance and validation... empowerment and inspiration.