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October 06, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The temperature is now in the 70's during the day here in Las Vegas... down from the above 100's for months! I celebrated by going for a hike with Mo in the desert! We needed that, equally. We found a little space away from everything where no one would find us and just sat inside a mountain of rock. I took some pictures and am appreciating that I can do that as my eyesight has been fading through time. There were clouds and even a rain shower through sun. Before heading out this afternoon we stopped at a neighborhoods shop yard sale and played a couple of songs. When the hike was finished later I did not feel like creating music for anyone at all... but then stopped at a lookout on the main road on the way back. While recording some music, people of course came by and we had some fun.

There was a wedding at the other end of the parking lot and the idea of hiring out the Traveling Piano for weddings surfaced. Going back to work and getting paid so much less then what I used to get paid for... with more work needed than ever before as I am much older... I just don't know. With the truck now old and beat up, I know I cannot command as much compensation as in the past, especially when my price had been built up to what it was through twenty years of performing. If it could be fun there is a little part of me that would want to do it... but I cannot find that fun for myself, by myself. Did all that, done it and had burnt out so bad that I wanted to end my life and that fact... created the journey as it has been.