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September 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

99% of dogs living on the streets with their owners that I have met through the Traveling Piano, they are as well behaved and cared for as Mo is. I find that fact interesting. While walking the streets doing what I do almost every night with my outreach to people living on them... for the first time a conversation was struck with a guy, I learned his name is Harry. I see him at the rescue mission every Thursday and Friday about three miles away and he always comes back to where I walk to sleep on the sidewalk. I reached out to him last week to give him a gatorade which he appreciated and then a few days ago I passed him by thinking he was asleep. I'm finding out that people are rarely really sleeping as they must keep an awareness for themselves, They rest with their eyes closed. Harry saw me tonight from across the street and let me know he was awake so I went over and offered him a bottle of gatorade.

He wanted to connect. We've seen each other for over two months now several days a week and tonight he got the courage to interact. He's a thirty eight year old guy born in Houston, Texas and moved to Venezuela as a baby, lost both parents at age thirteen, has a history of taking drugs which he stopped doing many years ago and now keeps to himself with no friends even though he is around other homeless people all the time. I can relate to his inability to fit into society and the loneliness he feels as a result. Also i can tell he is a scared puppy, harmless and wanting to feel connected to the world. Tonight Mo and I took a walk in the desert which I needed to do, really... needed to do. Being in nature is a necessity for my life. I'll wither and die without it but wow, was I tired as I hiked. After it got dark I improvised some music for this website in the quietness of night with the stars and a cool breeze... real slow and tired like.