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September 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

While walking around tonight giving out gatorades to people sleeping on the sidewalks, two guys told me how much they enjoyed my music at the field. Thats three miles away and it was where I have a weekly commitment for the Traveling Piano with myself. One guy told me he had walked there just to see me. I remember how in the early days of this journey how I would blog about people's reaction to my music and how mind boggling that was because having never created music of my own for the first fifty years of life... and having never felt the courage or sense of self worth to do so, every time people would say something it just blew me away in amazement. Now, people talk about seeing me with appreciation more than they do about the music. Of course it feels good but it does not give me any more sense of self-worth. It gives me validation of love, that it exists and can be found in everyone and that the sharing of love is more important than anything else in life. And, it always it fills me with gratitude and there can never be enough gratitude. Lastly, it reminds me how what I am doing, I could never get enough of reaping the benefits tenfold of any other way in life. There is not a person alive who cannot have what I have through the benefits of reaching out to strangers and through any process of strangers becoming less afraid of each other.