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September 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

At the field today a guy came up to me and handed me a bag of sheet music saying he found it in the trash and that he had carried it around all week to save and give to me. It was about 20 pieces and five of them were my favorites pieces of music from when I first began to play the piano as a child. Out of the millions of sheet music pieces in the world, how random is that? And how thoughtful and interested that guy is in me to do that? It is a beautiful thing. I'm waiting for the weather to break and realizing it is not going to be for a few more weeks. Even though the temperature is still in the hundreds, the sun is not as strong. Thank God for that. What a strange and phenomenal fact that I have been able to not only live in, but work in temperatures of a hundred ten degrees... and at sixty three years of age! And, having a thirty-two year old pickup truck without air conditioning has been no help! Without question my ability to function has had to do with togetherness. I've been saying... if these people can live out on the streets in this twenty four hours a day, I can spend a few hours in it everyday. There is something about the power and energy of "together" that makes it possible.