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August 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Being tired now at this point of my life not only includes a fuzzy mind with little physical energy... everything hurts... my head my body, everything! Lol, we left from babysitting my friends puppy for three days. After midnight I came back to my place and collapsed from lack of sleep. I had a piano to practice on all three days and could not do it. Mo... he is also tired as Koda the puppy was on top of him incessantly nipping, pronouncing and jumping. It is a german shepherd who is growing so fast, it is already larger than Mo in just four months. I did some picture processing and spent time online with political issues. The cox internet I was using at my friends house kept blocking the vpn I use and I was too lazy to try and circumvent it so, I used their system I was astounded by the different search results... much more religious and pro-trump propaganda like more than fifty percent here in Las Vegas. They were search results I was not looking for along with the usual ad offers. The internet is becoming more censored according to who is paying off who, controlling or manipulating who. God help us.