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July 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I headed over the the Las Vegas Rescue mission to create music for people going there for dinner from the streets, about six hundred of them. I pray before I get out of the truck to get out of my head... my "stinkin' thinking" so I can focus on musical love, appreciation, fun, friendship and respect. People usually get all that in-spite of myself, my angers and dissatisfactions with the world. I think about how uncomfortable I was with the heat and humidity and my aches and pains and then I just go into my head to how unbelievably uncomfortable it is for my friends there living on the streets in the heat and humidity, dirt and how immobilized I would feel from getting up from the ground after having laid on a cement sidewalk all night. Somehow I need a break soon or need to create a habit of being able to force myself to have fun so I can keep doing this. When I was on the road for years I was constantly stimulated in both good and bad ways but still... stimulated to move forward. Bottom line, thank God for this venue I have found. I'm in the right place for my life. I know that and must continue to trust, keep the faith and find enjoyment in "place."