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July 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I found a flat rock in Red Rock Canyon covered with amazing Lyceum. Mo and I chilled on it just laying around while the sun set for over an hour. It was easy because i had no energy to do anything else. Mo loves to dig a bed in the dirt to lay in. Sometimes my mind feels like it is on hold, other times it just is not there and then again there are times when I feel like I am on nothing but a squirrel cage in this world. Staying interested and inspired as well as empowered can be a lot of work. It is all self-created for me through a power greater than myself. Giving those qualities to others is not possible if I don't have them for myself through the grace of God, the universe or whatever. I find any there is... through gratitude and have been practicing with it all for a long time. Still, some days are better than others. Thank God I can create the time needed to work on it all and all that exists.