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July 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been sleeping allot and into the afternoons. It feels a little like that is keeping me alive. Thank God I'm in a situation to get what I need. After tending to necessities I took Mo for a walk at Sunset Park after it got dark. My energy is really low these days except for when I am working. I know its age, the heat, what I have been eating which is crap... whatever I can get because I cannot afford any healthy food. Also just life in general, it has never been easy for me. The temperature went back to a hundred but when we were walking there was a moist breeze and it was seventy nine degrees. All that was needed was a little salt in the air with some ocean waves nearby! The grass was moist from the rain last night so I wanted Mo to be able to run around in it and of course he loved it. I love him. My birthday yesterday feels like five years ago, I vaguely remember it already.