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July 9, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was difficult to get up this morning. I did not want to, did not feel rested, my body ached, living in air conditioning all the time is getting to me. I was telling myself to rest because I knew I was going out to my Monday commitment at a place called the field and it was one hundred twelve degrees out... and my 63rd birthday. I was semi-awake dreaming and the last thing I remember was someone calling me a pest. Lol, I thought I had best get up before my dreams continued to bash me with more negatives. I went through a gratitude list of 63 things I am grateful for. That did not work, oh well.

So Mo and I left for the field. I had told people last week that it was my birthday today so they would have something to look forward to and celebrate with me. It worked! Friends who live on the streets came to give me gifts they had like their food and water. They hugged me and wished me a happy birthday and several told me they walked from the other end of town to be there just because it was my birthday. That almost made me cry because they walked through that 112 degree heat. A young kid named Owen was having his sixth birthday and he brought me a little bag of goodies as a present, his mom brought a huge cake to share with everyone.

Another girl who brings food weekly for everyone made Hawaiian white cream frosting cupcakes for me. Before people arrived I got there early enough to put up the umbrella for shade from the sun. I was more worried about Mo than myself but after I got it up, I began to feel unsettled with my breathing. And then like a miracle as soon as I began to play, clouds appeared and covered the sun. A light breeze began. Father John who started this weekly gathering nineteen years ago appeared and gave a mass on the sidewalk as he does once a month. During the mass he thanked god for me, wished me a happy birthday and asked the congregation to do so.

After all was said and done and I got all my goodies back inside my room and the cover on the truck... oh my God it began to rain strong and steady. It has been like a half year since it rained last. And then I thought how the humidity would be awful with the heat. Nope. It has cooled down, my door is open and I am feeling and listening to the rain, the temperature in the 70's, wow... thank God!