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July 8, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to meet up with some friends and since I was not far from Redrock Canyon decided to spend the last hour of daylight there. Having some Traveling Piano interactions was a sure thing and as the sun set and a light breeze began... relief from the heat! As well as local people, I met a few families traveling, well educated from Saudi Arabia, India and France. I had just been thinking how much I am becoming to prefer interacting with people living on the streets rather then people of higher social status and then today happens. I was reawakened to the fact that people are people no matter the social, educational or ethnic upbringing... if your a good person, your a good person. What is a good person? A lack of pretentiousness with a desire to be social, get along with others, unafraid of strangers with a desire to extend oneself through goodwill, grace, politeness, not afraid to smile and have a good time... after dealing with these visitors today oh, how I miss... not the "good" life... the "comfortable" life as in style.