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July 7, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Could not get anything done today. My birthday is on Monday and I will be 63 years old. Sometime years I celebrate it other years not. I am aware that if I don't tell anyone they will not know to celebrate it with me. Last year I said nothing because I did not want to deal with perfunctory birthday wishes. A few weeks ago a group of people who live on the streets here celebrated a friends birthday by all getting dressed up together for the day. So... I'll be on the street on Monday and I told a few of them last week that I want them to celebrate it with me. I'm realizing that people need as many reasons to celebrate anything they can find to celebrate these days. My hope is to give them something positive to look forward to. Same on Facebook, I invited everyone to celebrate it with me in spirit.

Mo and I go out every night for a walk with 32oz gatorades that were on sale for .50 each a few months back. I carry them in backpack for people half dead laying on the sidewalks from heat exhaustion and who have a feeling of worthlessness. Last night I encountered a guy who said he felt too humiliated to accept it. Of course I pushed it on him because he was in such bad shape but it made me realize how I'm going to have to ask you for help to keep doing the community outreach I do with not only the Traveling Piano but with things like this nightly walk. It is totally needed. I'm not asking for money because I'm a good guy doing good stuff. I'm asking so you can say you are good, and doing good stuff. Please create a subscription for a few bucks a month through this website... Contribute