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June 13, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat is brutal. It is 112 degrees outside my door. Once the sun goes down it will go under a hundred. It is difficult weather for Mo as he gets older and balancing his need for exercise with the temperature and hot sidewalks well, I am always conscious of his breathing, speed of movement, any signals he gives to me. I took him into the apartment pool for a short time today. A part of him likes it, the natural instinct part wants to get out. He used to really love it. I'm sure if it was a natural river he would jump in without question. Mo is keeping me grounded concerning what is happening in the world. He reminds me of what is important... love, sharing, being together and enjoying the present moment. Thank God for Mo. I say this to him all the time along with... "you are such a dog" "you are a great dog" "your my best buddy" "I love you Mo" "your the best" "we are a great team, eh?" He responds with short loving licks, sometimes his eyes roll back into his head or he just mirrors my love buy giving me full attention through his eyes. Also, I am preparing myself for when he departs. His teeth are going and that is a sign. But then again, it all simply reminds me to just get into the present moment and enjoy it with all my heart, my being with him. We were treated twice last week. He sat front row for his first blockbuster movie and no kidding, he watched a good third of it. Then we went to a live opera. He was not so interested in that but then again it was not right up front in his face. He is very behaved in public places. It is other people we must watch out for. They think they can just come up to a strange dog and start petting it. I have literally smacked many a hand away from him. Of course I know he is special and has a special energy but still. its obvouse that both of us are ignoring people as we move around in public space and he has his service coat on.