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June 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am very aware of how high my energy can fly when i am with people and as long as they can go along with the flow of it we all have a great time. I've written about this in the past. Every once in a while the issue comes up. If not it can be very draining for others because they cannot handle it but try. It is on my mind now because I am wanting to spend personal time with people. My spirit is what I am talking about, it is very strong an passionate when I am stimulated with strength and passion. At my age, that is surprising to me. I would think that with my mind and body slowing up so would spirit flowing through me. When I come home after a good time spent with people, of course it takes a while to come down but also the next day I will be exhausted. The last time I was thinking that it is because I suck in everyone else's energy and it overwhelms me. Now, I'm wondering if I am exhausted from trying to harness my energy around other people so I don't drive them crazy. From childhood I was "trained" unsuccessfully I might add lol, to put a lid on my excitement for life experiences and the enjoyment of other people. And then for many years I in fact worked on harnessing my energy so I could share it appropriately with others. With my work I have created work arounds by booking gigs in large rooms instead of small intimate ones and then with the truck outside. "Big" fits me best.