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June 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last week I was all in on the idea of going to "the field" to work the Traveling Piano with people who gather there every Monday night to share food and other necessities and to just hang out in with a sense of community. Today, I had a headache and the heat is just brutal, over a hundred degrees. I cannot use the Traveling Piano's air conditioning because the truck is too old. But, I went anyway and while driving to the spot thought about how much I enjoy my dedication and passion for what I do. People are feeling more and more safe with me on the streets and there are clearly three camps of people. Those who are in community with a sense of taking care of each other, those who are just dangerous, angry and not trustworthy "working it" on every level in every way... and then there are those who just sort of wander lost in the mix. One guy was celebrating his fifty first birthday and got himself a give away suit to celebrate in, along with a few friends. Another guy came along with his great dane, a huge great dane and he jumped onto the piano with Mo for a photo.

This gathering spot happens weekly because of a diocesan priest who has created this gathered of people. Tonight celebrated the nineteenth year. Father John is the "real mccoy", as in as genuine as it can get, the kind of human being I aspire to be. I asked him to climb onto the Traveling Piano for a picture with two other priests and the two priests followed Father John only because he asked them to. When I asked him, there was no hesitation, no thought, simply a pure willingness to please and gratefulness to be "part of", to participate in life with others when asked. Here I was thinking it would take a period of weeks to coax him. Nope. He jumped right on. People had to help carry him off as he is in his seventies and a bit frail. Every moment in front of this priest creates emotional feelings of love from my soul. How could that not be? He has been one hundred percent unconditional with his inclusiveness and open heart and... shows it through his behavior and actions. I also met another young guy named Alex who plays the piano and I have a feeling that I will be talking about him in this blog in the future.