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June 09, 2018

Spring Mountain, Nevada

We drove to the Spring Mountain area outside of Las Vegas. When we left it was a hundred eight degrees outside my door. When we arrived in Spring Mountain it was a jacket wearing temperature and oh, how I loved it. Mo did too. At first I sort of passed out on top of a picnic table listening to the wind blowing through pine trees while sucking in the clean, cool air. I was very tired but just moved myself slowly into getting onto the piano to record some music. Then a couple, more than receptive park rangers found us and of course my energy quadrupled. After finishing up I thought it best to get back to the city so I could get to bed early but... getting to bed early after a day like today is never possible. I should know better. The night was spent processing the pictures I took from the day. This is how I decompress from the joy and release my experiences into the universe. I've been missing the lush early summer greenery of past travels and where I lived back east for most of my life. I have work to do here in Las Vegas so I will not be leaving any time soon. At least this is how it feels. Plus, financially I need to be conscious of even the gas money used for todays drive.