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June 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

While creating music today on the grand piano for everyone getting food at the rescue mission I was thinking about the past and how throughout my entire career I would not play "freebies" for places of business. This is, as in where others profit from my work even if they are profiting on the poor. Now, here I am in a place where four million dollars flows through yearly and you can be sure there is profiteering going on under the guise of doing some good for Jesus, which is also the fact. In coming to terms with that for myself, I must stay conscious that I am "using" the situation first with the grand piano to get my "chops" back as in technique, my hand dexterity and also, I am in fact playing for my "peeps" who are the people living on the streets and... they all let me know how much they appreciate my being there. The peeps that is... there has been a zero acknowledgement from any administration or management. They have not even introduced themselves.

When playing on the piano with it newly tuned, I've been exploring musical chords and clusters of musical notes that were not possible before because they were too dissonant and it was way too irritating to hear. So, the exploration is a joy! Afterwards, Mo and I scored a ticket with the Las Vegas Opera Company for the opera Cinderella by Rossini at the University of Las Vegas. Mo saw a blockbuster movie that a friend took us to this week and also, an opera! He did a fantastic job. It is a lot of work taking him into public spaces, that in keeping people away who want to say hi to him. I'm constantly tell them he is a working dog and please do not seek attention from him. He watched a good half of the movie, the opera he was not as interested in. It is difficult for him to ignore people, stay with me still, and not want to run around as well as to know how to keep it quiet. His behaving I appreciate so very much. Never the less, it does take my constant awareness and his knowing that I am paying attention to him at all times.