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May 17, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano trucks piano and speaker is in the shop for repair. I've been holding off because money is so tight but can wait no longer. Last night my phone would not take a charge and the battery died. I did some trouble shooting, said the serenity prayer, told myself I can and will do whatever is needed, turned the results over to God and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and it was charged. Then with more trouble shooting I asked the piano repair guy where I can buy a new charger... ten bucks later, everything is back to normal. Every little change in my life anymore is significant. The first impulse with anything that I must do different, new or out of my comfort zone is paralysis in mind and body in not knowing what or how to respond or do anything. Then I go into exhaustion mode with "I just can't go through anymore." And then I pick up some of my coping tools from my skill set and move on. Mo and I headed over the the rescue mission to create music for people living on the streets and residents of the place, at least 600 people in total. It was packed tonight. Afterward I helped my old neighbor move a huge flat screen tv. He has homeless people phobia from watching shit television like fox news. We had a strong argument about the subject. I despise how, rotten to the core media outlets prey on the worst of human nature through fear, division and self-serving hate. If you think you know what homeless people are like only from statistical polls and media, you know nothing.