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May 15, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

After a strong day like yesterday I will now always wiped out for the following two days. I just could not get anything done today except to meet up with a few friends. My friend Alex just moved in around the corner from me and as a concert pianist, she found a decent upright piano to practice on and invited me to use it whenever needed. You can be sure that will happen. In fact she is going to be away for a week to receive her music doctorate degree and has given me the key to her place. Practicing on the Traveling Piano is almost impossible these days. When I am out on my own away from people I tend to just use the opportunity to play music for myself or record. Practicing is an entirely different mode of operation. Even to use the word practice ha, that would happen for once a year only when I would go back east to do a Fourth of July parade. Now, it is like my body, if I don't use it on a continual basis I lose it as far as muscle... not only finger, but hand, wrist, arm and body. My improvisation needs no practice or muscle. My old repertoire pieces of music... lots.