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May 13, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a beautiful day. Part of me said go to nature. The other part... get out onto the streets with the Traveling Piano. My musical work won out. I found that people living on Las Vegas boulevard had been cleared off and moved to a side street which was perfect for me to park on. I am so thankful to have pictures that prove everything I say is true because... some of what happens in my life seems unbelievable even to me! About a half year ago I met a guy from Bulgaria taking wedding pictures in the Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas. He had been on a ferry with the Traveling Piano crossing from Dawson Canada into Alaska in 2010. A few months ago I met a guy in Circle Park park near where I live who was on the Traveling Piano down in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. Yesterday a guy living on the streets jumped onto the Traveling Piano while saying, "you let me play on this when your were on Skid Row in Los Angeles a few years back."

And today, another guy told me he saw Mo and I with the Traveling Piano in Roanoke Virginia in 2007 when we were lending support at the schools request for those affected by the Virginia Tech massacre. Encounters like this happen often but not two days in a row! And... I am always amazed by them. When I started out today I was in a foul mood. Probably from the energy of people all around me where I am living but... I just started voicing out loud my mantra as I drove around to create "Musical, Fun, Friendship and Respect. With the intent set there was no way it would not happen. I hung out on the street for about three hours. After spending time with one guy who was zoning out with his own musical playing for over a half hour I said, ok get off I want to create some music before I leave. As I was driving away at least thirty people on the sidewalks, one at a time... shouted out a heartfelt thanks which almost made me cry with appreciation.