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May 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Appreciative abounds that I have been able to push through issues as long as I have in order to keep creating music at the Las Vegas Homeless Mission. I have been doing it both for the resident meals and for people living on the streets. There are over 800 meals served every night. Of course they get all that food free, the volunteers cook and serve it. Also, they all get my love through music and I get validation of that love in return. It is not always communicated physically but I can feel it and the feeling tells me I am doing exactly what I should be doing. People do always come up to me and show appreciation. When the guy who runs the meal gives his spiel through a microphone to tell everyone to show appreciation for the volunteers, food, Jesus, etc... I am left out of it because I told them to leave me out. Not only does it keep me humble, I do not want people to think I am a gift from the mission center. There should be no need for credits. During the resident dinner a young guy came up to me and told me that during their general assemblies, shout outs are given for appreciation and that some of the residents who have been there for a spell give shout outs for the "piano man" with everyone responding in appreciation. Seeing as I am not there for that... wow, that just makes me feel so good. This is a major show of appreciation. The consistency, the dependability in knowing that I will be there every week for everyone is super important. I am very thankful that I can play a productive role in life for others.