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April 13, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Blah, blah, blah... I want to avoid that on this blog today. Crazy little synchronistic energy is happening. It is not good, bad or anything, it is just happening. I'm want to be humble about my present choices and the idea of how I go about getting some finances. It is all confusing because I am just spinning ideas around in my brain over and over. Maybe I should just do something even if that means retuning to old ways that I became so burnt out from and that became the impetus for this present journey. Getting paid for my work... feels destructive in a way, destructive of what I've been building for the last 12 years. Mo and I were at the Las Vegas Mission center today as I created music for the dinner there. One of the guys from the street came up to ask if I would play on the Traveling Piano as a celebration for getting back with his girlfriend. I said I would meet him them on the street near a bench at the bus station downtown at 10pm. They never showed up. I should have known better when he said he had a car and she lives in Summerlin, the high end area for people with money and he off the street for a dinner at the mission. He probably just wanted to connect and feel some worth with me. I ended up playing music on a corner for 45 minutes in the dark with an old lady pretty much passed out on a bench a few feet away. I hope the music touched her in a good way. She never moved before, during or after except at the start to make sure she was safe. She probably thought she was dreaming.