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April 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

My rent is being raised and I am being forced to purchase apartment insurance and that is freaking me out. I just barley make it through the month as it is with the contribution I get. Something must happen. I'm going to put in a proposal for my apartment management to provide entertainment for the yearly community get together and employee get togethers. It is painful to think about booking gigs again. Is it a cop out? Why am I not getting up early in the morning and pursuing the rest of my dreams. Asking for more contribution is just so exhausting. I played today at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and festered the entire time about how they did not offer or give me when I asked... an Easter Dinner to take home after giving the mission my time, effort, talent and Easter Sunday for them. I think about how if I slapped a few hundred dollars cash on a table for the mission the respect level would be totally different. The piano I am playing on is a grand and I am getting my chops back. Also, the people really appreciate me there. That... is what I need to focus on, not resentment. I'll just keep playing there until I don't... every Thursday and Friday. It has been taking away from my playing on the streets but feels like the right thing to do.