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April 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The days are amazingly sunny, clear and the temperatures are perfect. I hope I can remember the feeling and it will last through the hellish heat coming in the summer months... if I'm still here. It is somewhat hot right now but it has not been for a while so... no problem. When it goes on and on relentlessly, then it becomes a drag. As I was going out to create some music for myself and interaction began with a neighbor a few doors down who I have not formally met. She told me that today is her birthday so I pushed myself to share the Traveling Piano with her and a baby niece and her sister as a birthday present... with pictures. I'm really glad I did that but feeling wary as I do not want to become buddy, buddy with neighbors living so close. It just has not worked out. Friendly hellos from a distance, interaction when natural but not created is the way to go. That feels unfortunately because I would love to live in a community where we all can get along good enough to hang out with each other once in awhile. I spent about an hour and a half just creating music for myself and recording it at the end of a local dead end street... nice and loud and it was very satisfying. I know people in the environment heard it and I am sure it was a treat for them as something different. Also, I am sure there were people full of curiosity wondering where the sound was coming from. Especially with the Boogie Woogie and Ragtime along with the improvisation, I've been bringing the old stuff back up to performance level. All was not perfect for everyone, my being there. I was a downer for two drug deals and two different hustling sexual encounters. People use places like where I was to do their dirty deeds only to find me, the music and Mo there when they drive up... it just does not work for them, so staying around is not an option lol!